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Did you love the movie Miracle? Did you go crazy the first time Jimmy Craig and Jack O'Callahan walked on screen? Did Paddy Demsey make you squeal embarassingly whenever he flashed that smile? If you liked the movie and its boys, this is the place for you to go!

This community is dedicated to all things related to Miracle, specifically those handsome hockey players. Here's a great place where you can talk to other Cahill/Mantenuto/O'Brien Demsey/ etc. fans. Join this group and GO USA!

Rules (sorry but I just had to put this in case)

1.) Don't come here to say how much this movie sucks. I see people saying that stuff on the IMDb board and I don't want to see it here. This is exclusively for people who loved the movie (aka cool people)

2.) I'd like to keep language to a minimum but I know people get very excited about these men so I'll try to be leniant.

3.)I know how these guys can definately get the estrogen flowing, but I don't want people saying stuff like "omg i totally want to fuck michael" or something like that. We don't want to know.

4.)Pictures are VERY welcome, but if they are gigantic then the LJ-cut would be great.

5.) I don't want people picking fights or anything. I've seen boards go to hell cause someone comes along that pisses everyone off. I don't think it's going to happen here because Miracle people are awesome, but I just needed to put that out there.

6.) If you are looking for an icon, please don't take someone's without asking. You can request an icon to be made, or if someone has posted some, please credit them for it.

7.) Don't lie. Don't make stuff up about knowing any of the guys when you don't. It's happened before and it will not happen again. It's not cool.

8.) Fanfics are awesome! You are welcome to post those. But, once again, please LJ-cut.

We love new members! We're here for a common cause: a great movie, a great story, and really really hot hockey players. Have a great time.

Love, your favorite mods and brilliant creators, Carly and Steph (liltortillagirl and animalgal5)

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